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Architecture Matters!

The mandate of the Niagara Society of Architects (NSoA) is to encourage and promote architectural excellence in the Niagara Region; be actively involved in programs that enhance the general level of public awareness and understanding of architecture and the architectural profession through education; and, locally, promote the importance of sustainable architecture in our culture and our environment.

Versatile and creative work is being done by members of the NSoA. To learn more about our members and their work please visit the NSoA Directory. You can also find educational material and answers to questions like 'How to Find, Select, and Engage an Architect'; 'Building a New Home? Ask an Architect'; 'Renovating or Restoring a House? Ask an Architect' - and 'Why hire a Niagara area architect?'

  • Here's a good idea that everyone should be thinking about it when considering building a new home, building of any sort. You should contact us.