St.Mary's Ukrainian Church

St.Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church
6248 Main St. Niagara Falls

If you are staying in the casino environs, this is just a short walk away.  And you can buy some perogies or cabbage rolls. 

The formally titled 'Parish of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary', dates from 1951, the apparently historic current church was built in 1988, as a reminder of the Ukrainian traditions, and of the significant contributions that people of Ukrainian background have made to Canada.  The building itself is built in the style of the Western Ukraine.   

The church's website offers its welcome, and suggests that the visitor thinks "about eternity" and enjoys the special spiritual ambiance of the building. 

Quite a contrast to the nearby tourist areas of Niagara Falls.  



Ask yourself:
What is it about such buildings that creates a special sense of spirituality, even when it is not your own cultural background?
If you were designing a Ukrainian Church (or one of any other culture), how would you approach it?